Powder Coat KettleBells

Powder Coat Kettlebells

Powder Coat Kettlebells are made from Cast Iron and then painted with Powder Coating to protect the iron and improve grip texture for grueling workouts. Powder Coating is one of the most durable types of paint available on top of kettlebells. This series is based in popular kilogram increments.

  • RECESSED LOGO, Our Kettlebells have recessed logos into the kettlebell. The Kettlebell Kings logo pictured above is recessed in the bell for increased comfort during lifting.  Logos that are stamped or extruding (like most other brands) may cause discomfort during lifting when the logo makes contact with your hands, wrist and forearm. Additionally, if the logo is not in the bell itself it is inserted or glued in which will come out over time.
Lifetime Warranty Kettlebells

Lifetime Lasting, Smooth Finish

  • LIFETIME, No one else offered lifetime support on their cast iron kettlebells.
  • SMOOTH FINISH, when kettlebells come out of the mold they are still rough with edges and seams that tear up your hands if not polished off. Our bells are polished free of imperfections when they come out of the mold and then painted with powder coating to improve grip texture. As a result, smooth finish protects your hands, wrists and forearms
KettleBell Kings Recessed Logo

About Powder Coat Kettlebells

  • SINGLE CAST, Our bells are all made from a single piece of cast iron. Most kettlebells have the handles welded on which makes them break easier. Casting from a single piece of metal gives more durability to the kettlebell
  • COLORED BANDS on HANDLES,  Color specific to certain weights, identify the kettlebell without picking up or rolling it over, bands are coded for easy identification
  • ENGRAVED, In kilograms and pounds so you always know which weight you are working with in either measurement
  • HANDLE GRIP, Powder coat kettlebells  make a great gripping surface when your hands are sweating, also holds chalk better than all other kettlebell paint options like matte or e-coat
  • POWDER COATING, is the most durable form of kettlebell paint available and lasts longer than traditional kettlebell paint
  • LOGO, Kettlebell Kings logo engraved into kettlebell thus, it will not break off. Kettlebells without engraved logos have inserts glued in which break out over time.

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Powder Coat Weights

4 KG | 9 LB KettleBell

KettleBell Kings KettleBells

6 KG | 13 LB KettleBell

Boise KettleBells

8 KG | 18 LB KettleBell

10 KG | 22 LB KettleBell

12 KG | 26 LB KettleBell

16 KG | 35 LB KettleBell

20 KG | 44 LB KettleBell

Powder Coat KettleBell

24 KG | 53 LB KettleBell

28 KG | 62 LB KettleBell

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