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Group Classes

Group Classes

Group classes offer  the perfect balance between strength and conditioning. Reap the greatest benefits to make you BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER.

You'll get the energy of a group setting, but everyone is encouraged to participate at their unique level. Through varying workouts you'll get a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to fitness.  This may help you develop the following: cardio endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, and balance.  View R Studio Boise class schedule.

Group Classes


Group Classes R Studio Boise Elevate

Elevate provides group classes a mix of cardio and strength training. Specifically the ultimate high-intensity interval class.  High performance WoodWay Curves works on running efficiency and speed, and a variety of strength training equipment is incorporated to balance out your workout. Develop a strong core with suspension training, tone muscles with Kettlebells and resistance bands, and increase agility using your own body weight.


Boise Kettlebell Classes

Boise's premiere KettleBell training method.  Group classes  that consists of whole-body movement exercises.   KettleBells are one of the most efficient tools for full body workouts. Delivering cardio, strength, and flexibility benefits in a short amount of time. In addition  Kettlebell Training can be beneficial for anyone no matter the level of fitness.


Sprintervals R Studio Boise

This intense, efficient workout is the whole package. Work on your running speed and form by sprinting on our human-powered WoodWay treadmills.  Then add in a mix of strength and toning exercises during your “rest” periods. The entire workout is based on perceived exertion, allowing participants of all fitness abilities to achieve the results they’re working for.


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