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5 Back Exercise That Could Be Bad

By Eric Palmer | April 21, 2019

Back exercise for strengthening the back to help prevent pain and injuries is crucial.  While it’s nice to be able to show off those well-sculpted back muscles in a dress or tank top, exercises that target your back actually serve a more important purpose that has nothing to do with strength gains. A strong back…

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Benefits From Compression

Benefits From Compression

By Eric Palmer | March 8, 2019

Who Benefits From Compression Therapy? The benefits from compression in sports training is probably not new to you.  I bet you already use compression shorts, pants, and socks. Research shows that compression garments reduce muscle soreness caused by plyometrics and sprinting. The latest innovation in compression therapy, NormaTec Compression therapy takes compression to the next…

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Advantages of Group Workouts

Why attend a group workout

By Eric Palmer | June 3, 2018

Group Workouts Group workouts offer many advantages for people.  Wether you attend a group workout or get friends together, here are some reasons to give them a try.  It’s easy to fall into a rut or do the same workouts over and over.  Group workouts offer you the advantage of getting to meet people and be social.…

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