Fitness Assessment

Fitness Assessment

What is a Fitness Test

Fitness Assessment test is comprised of a series of exercises that help evaluate your overall health and physical status. This 45 minute  test is designed to give both you and the  Personal Trainer a snapshot of your current fitness level. You also get a chance to see how your numbers compare to health and fitness standards based on your age  and gender. These are great tests for setting your baseline that will be used to measure progress and show real results.  Above all, seeing your personal progress and results are powerful motivators.

Why get a Fitness Test

If you recently joined a gym, decided to get back into fitness classes, or are just unhappy with the results you are getting from your current routine, an assessment is a great way to help jump start you on a new fitness journey.

We examine your strengths, weaknesses, imbalances, flexibility and stamina.  Therefore, we are  able to identify potential injury risks or determine the cause of current pain or discomfort.  In the event we identify an injury, we can schedule an appoinment with our in house Physical Therapist.

Request Your Assessment Today

Having a Fitness Test can offer you some valuable information and knowledge that give you real direction in your workout program. In conclusion, we recommend that any member serious about getting results start their  complimentary Fitness Test. Schedule  to get re-assessed every 90 days to measure progress and reset goals.

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