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Functional Training

R Studio is the place everything becomes possible, where transformation happens, where you run faster, get stronger, and become a better version of yourself.

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HIIT Classes Boise

Offering  Boise  HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL Training (HIIT).  Get the energy in a group setting. Everyone is encouraged to participate at their own level. Through varying workouts you’ll get a new approach to fitness that will help you develop strength, flexibility, speed and stamina.

Workouts change every day to keep your body guessing. Workouts that are broad and inclusive for people of all levels.  We will challenge your strength, muscle endurance, cardio-conditioning, and mobility, no matter what level of athlete you are.

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R Studio Personal Training

Personal Training Boise

R Studio offers Boise clients personal training.  A coach will work with you to assess where you’re at and how to get you there.  This is a great option for anyone who has specific concerns or wants to tailor their training to reach a particular goal.

Why You Want Personal Training:

  • exercise  programs designed specifically for you based on your goals
  • new to the gym
  • live an active, healthy lifestyle
  • one-on-one attention and accountability, and seek  support in achieving your health and fitness goals
  • specific sport/performance goals that require exercise  more specific than general health and fitness
  • learn how to use KettleBells, Suspension Training, WoodWay Curve Treadmills or learn Functional Training Methods
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