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R Studio

Boise gym offering small group classes. We combine kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, and sweat, in a fun and intense interval style. R Studio's unique approach makes classes challenging but flexible enough for individuals of all fitness levels. Furthermore, all Group Classes cover the areas of Joint Mobility, Strength Endurance, Cardio Conditioning, Hypertrophy and Toning.  As well as, fat Loss and Flexibility/ Range of Motion and Injury Prevention.

Boise Gym | Small Group Training

Boise gym that is a  gathering place–a tribe of people who want to live healthier lives, and who enjoy helping others do the same.  From absolute beginners to advanced athletes, our workouts  fit your unique body, personal preferences and goals.  Maximize calorie burn, build functional strength and improve your cardio.

Boise Gym | HIIT Classes

Boise gym that offers running and functional training in small group workouts. Our exciting high-intensity  classes will leave you strong, energized and inspired.  The workouts will shatter your fitness goals and propel you toward being better, faster, stronger — together.  We represent an entire fitness family supporting you every step of the way. After all, the stronger you are, the stronger we are. That’s just how this whole tribe thing works.


Training for runnersYes! We all have one thing in common. It has nothing to do with how fast we run, how much we lift, or what we look like.  A place everything becomes possible, where transformation happens, where you run faster, get stronger, and become a better version of yourself. Here's what you need to know if you're a first timer.